Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lots of cars

Our Car Solution:

 Too many cars ended up on the floor in my sons search for the "exact" one he wanted to play with at that moment. I turned to the internet and found a few solutions. This One in particular was the closet thing to fast, easy and possible. We changed it up though. For his car shelves we spaced 7" between them to put Action Heros too. We used 2 x1 and secured them with screws to the studs. The link has the boards painted white, but you could paint them any color or leave them the plan wood. It was very fast, the big box stores will even cut them the length you need.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Learning desk

Our sons new learning desk area. First stop these great 1$ pails for holding on hand art supplies

 photo 8315831ecdfae982d5ffefff2b28d228_zpsbf4e26a3.jpg

Other set. Total 6

 photo 204ed68a174f29498b4f0854d3dbee2f_zpsd4d528a4.jpg

A view of his desk space, trash can from target

 photo 56904829db8137d843a2607a0a9b1756_zps97fb921e.jpg

I picked up a set of multiuser sticky back squares. Great for his number and letters and will grow with him 6.50 for a pack of four at the parent teacher store.

 photo b5ea55c747186c61c0bf56a1887b89fc_zps2a342710.jpg

Reference to the room. I love how he is just a few feet away from my desk and the kids table. He is so proud of his area and how his toddler sister can not get up and handle his work. He pulls puzzles up there too.

 photo 0294657b83911b2dec6035d08c25fd07_zps2d7ac55c.jpg

One last shot of these pails. I just love how the colors pop in them. Our toddler can carry them to the kids table as well, which makes them even more functional.

 photo 6c0508c2a458d788c9f87773e9671488_zpsf336a0bf.jpg

Only one last thing missing. A lamp! Happy learning!

More in the bonus room

Here are several shots of how our bonus room is/was arranged. This is a good reference. First up the new dress up area! This was the fourth bedroom-bonus room closet, turned play area.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Baby clothing blanket

Do you have baby clothing sitting around? Looking for an easy way to keepsake them into something usable or decorative? If can iron and basic sew or appliqué then this a is a quick way to put those adorable baby outfits to use.
1.I cut out 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 squares for a Separate quilt first, then cut various leaf shapes of left over garment pieces. Because leaves come in sizes it was a fast trim. ( you could cut a piece of cardboard template if you want your uniform).
2.Then I sketched my tree shape and traced it onto a iron on interfacing.
3. I cut out the fabric and interfacing in one and ironed them together.
4. All that is left next is arrange the leaves and sew or iron on.
5. Decide on a border or none and just sandwich with backing and quilt batting surround with bias tape and WALA

Of course, you can quilt it and jazz it up any way you like. I plan to use other scrapes for an outer border and back with a fun heirloom pattern here is my tree in progress:


Monday, January 14, 2013

Bonus Room Craft Room

This is our bonus room. It is akward to work with. Have you ever searched for bonus room pictures? Good ones? You get the same 5 over and over. talk about lack of inspiration!  With two little ones, this room has been a work in progress to adapt to the needs of everyone. It started as a craft room only, but has become a multipurpose room of fun. This is my corner, where I can craft and create admist the fun and in those rare moment shut the door and sew with out interuption....( in my dreams this happens).

My Husband made the desk and craft table...  It folds out to be 3ft x 5 ft. Scrapbooking, sewing and general arts and crafts all happen in corner of the bonus room. Another day soon I will share some more photos of the space where our life happens. I have plans for scalloped bunting and a little pazzain the kids area. So please stay tuned and comment below. I would lovew to hear from you~ Kara

Friday, September 14, 2012

Laundry room

I have been working on a few rooms in our house. The before was basic builders beige with a single wire shelf. We took downt he shelf and added cabinets from Home Depot. My husband has a daring soula nd choose this vibrant yellow. I love it. I walk through this room everyday, so it was important to make this space happy. Dare I say laundry is a little less daunting?


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sweet and Simple- it's keeps evolving as she ages

Baby girl's room:

 photo 9fe1f1081676799e52b7de5d1a15f340_zps0d88486b.jpg

Changing table, music player, and lamp to make late nights easier.
 photo 5db5e56104741affb3f3e10ff69f7688_zps376bf932.jpg

Full view of the room

 photo bd14e41b7536a247e7688ca8200fc3da_zpsabfe6b5d.jpg

I found a wonderful quote printable on pinterest here
Imagine my surprise when I found out my mom hung the very same quote in my nursery! I printed it off( it is light pink but hard to tell that in the photo) and used a Target frame. I really enjoy looking at it and reminding myself that babies don't keep.