Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Catch up

The apartment had a texture/seal applied to the hallway last week. No one warned us of noxious fumes. Needless to say at 1:00 am I was throwing everything out of my closet taping up doors and putting up the blow up mattress in the only room that had not been permeated by the chemical smell. I opened windows to the cold and piled on blankets. When that became too chilly, I had to shut the windows and the bathroom and closet doors. Thankfully 3 hrs later most of the smell was gone and by morning it was only pungent in the outside hallway. Needless to say. This momma was tired. It happened Tuesday night and I didn't get everything straighten back until Sunday. SHEW.

We rolled with it and penguins the rest of the week. This week we started with Valentines and Netherlands. Then my crew got sick. but it's that sick that doesn't wipe them out. So they still have just enough energy to fool around, but not enough for a walk. 

 Dillan was not a fan of the dirt, he generally likes to wear gloves or use a tool when we do investigating.  
Ellie loved this planting activity we found at Target. We planted Basil and Mint and hope to use the leaves for tea in the future. :)

 The kids added stickers and found a sunny spot

 They are loving card making this year. I will have to get better at mailing things and I will need to stock up on some cards/stickers/etc in a basket for the future.
 I left out the trays and we added a book. I have ignored the dishes and held a cranky sick toddler.
 We introduced nature journaling books this week. They are a hit :) I think we will include this once or twice a week. It was a pleasure for us all.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

We slowed it down last week and already I see resettling. It is good. I also have been intentionally setting aside time for entertainment. I tend to multitask everything and forget to just let myself enjoy something on it's own, for me. We went to the local Lakeshore Learning store and picked up a few refresher books.

We did a Dosuem play-date and spent the weekend at home. I made it the gym every other day last week. It felt good. I am reading the book "Rising Strong" by Brene Brown. She talks about the importance of story-telling and how it effects cortisol levels. Speaking of reading....These are a few of our favorite winter/arctic books this month.

 The story- The mitten and morning rhythm songs and poems
the kids had alot of fun with this.

 I am continually amazed at how much we are learning from books. 6 months ago, I thought people slightly insane for basing their childrens' education on library books alone. I get it now. I do. Also, I am glad we all love to read. I am getting an education along side of them :) We are heading to the Netherlands next month for our school. We have started this week off, with our Monday at home and it is still my favorite day of the week. I changed the living room around and the kids enjoyed the benefits of a larger living room playspace.

Because pink boots are cheery and sister was asleep.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

It has been one whirlwind week. I am trying to decompress and struggling with it. Homeschool is going very well. Dillan enjoys his work on most days and Ellie is eager to do everything he is. It warms my heart to see Dillan working with her on ABC's and helping her with school. The sharing and openness is delightful. He has a helper's heart. Unfortunately, his heart was bruised again and this time so was Ellie's. We are taking a long hard look at priorities this week and may need to make some hard adjustments. This may not be the season to make all the things I would like for them to happen. My heart is heavy and I miss the ease of friendships we took for granted before our move.

 Snuggles are a great cure.
 And so is a game of freeze!

 This is a bored face
 This is a sad face....
 Ellie has been giving me things to "borrow". It is so kind. This day it was her cherished owl. I usually get to keep them for the day or overnight. Today she presented me with a bag full of treasures- her purse, a necklace and plate to put it on. Thank you Ellie :)
Tomorrow Joe has to go to work and I need to finish getting groceries. I honestly haven't planned my week and I am not motivated to. I hope this PMS moves on and to find peace with decisions I must make.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

5 more minutes, until brownies. mmmmmm... They wont help my waist line; but yum and moderation....right? :)
The kids are really enjoying the weather here in Texas. I am researching books and enjoying a silly move called Hot Fuzz.

 I am always amazed when Ellie picks up a simple toy and plays with it in unique ways. She really concentrates to make what she has on hand work for her. She is so joyous in her work.

 We have had an enjoyable weekend, but of course too short. Dillan has had a wonderful time reading to Ellie and Daniel. I am really impressed with how far he has come this year in schooling at home. Homeschooling is bringing us together and building our relationships. I am so thankful to be able to homeschool them.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Practicing Gratitude creates joy. Practice. Not attitude of gratitude, but the practice of it and making it a habit. I recently watched a Brene Brown video on joy. I am glad I took the time and I also shared it with Joe. We could all use more joy in this world. The kids spent Monday doing school, playing and we stayed in. It was good for all to start back into our routine.

Dillan learned some hard lessons this week. He is a natural follower and very much a sponge for picking up on what his peers say. He spent some time with another boy,  that had some not nice things to say.He then hurt another boys feelings by following this example. This is something we haven't really come across until now. He has been told some not nice things before by other kids; but has not started to say them back. I can see pulling out our go to emotions books and introducing some new books/role plays.

She asked for these sweet pig tails. I just want to scoop her up and freeze time a little bit.

Lentils all over- he had to jump in ;)

I will admit- we had a great Monday back and a pretty decent Tuesday. Ellie loved going to Ballet and I am grateful to be included in it. Our Wednesday was all out of wack. Today was lovely. We are still working out the kinks in our rhythm group, but our great families/new friends are starting to make some connections. It is wonderful for our home school to have these great families joining us in some weekly activities. We worked on hibernation and what animals do in winter. Now we will hang out and Daniel has ECI in an hour. Friday we will go to the park and then have our afternoon tea time. I can't think of a better way to end the week

Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year! I rang in 2016 with my mom visiting. We had a celebratory poetry tea time, complete with sparkling cider. She arrived Tuesday and I dropped her off this afternoon. We were ready to rewind time and get to do it all over again.

We went out on special girls trip to the library with Ellie. We went to the Doseum and stayed in and played and read books. My mom took the kids in the morning, so I could sleep in. I didn't take near enough pictures.

 We went to the movie "Sisters" and laughed and laughed. Joe took Dillan to see the new Star Wars movie and the rest of us went to a special trip to Whataburger. Dillan was not prepared for the loud theater and 30 minutes into the film asked to leave, because it was too scary. Of course, Joe obliged and they went to Target for a Star wars Lego instead. Later that day they watched the non-scary versions at home and Dillan was pleased to come home to a new book. It was a good save.

The promise of the new year means, I have little bit of fresh start energy in the air to propel forwards with. In 2015, I lost 12lbs. I'll take it. I hope to loose twice that this year. It is a very strong goal. I honestly barely recognize myself at this weight. It is a strange feeling. One I hope to shake loose.. literally.