Monday, July 14, 2014

Recipe Binder

This has been successfully used for 2 yrs now. A thick wipable binder, card stock, and sleeve protectors. We used a photo binder and 3 types of card stock for ours. But you can use as many variations as you desire. 
The first type is for side dishes. I pulled out all recipes; from friends, internet, cookbooks, etc, that we use.
This color is for main dishes

And this is for drinks and desserts

Only tried and true recipes make the cut. We toss what we don't like. I can add more sections if I need to, but I haven't needed too yet. I do have a small collection of misc on white paper. You could use plain color card stock and make a rainbow with it. Just make it to suit your personality. :)

Also there is a section in the back for all recipes I want to try. 

This makes it easy to plan meals and throw in a new dish. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lego Solution

Lego solution, by type, using Sterlitr ID boxes. This is working really well for us. Binders have instruction booklets laminated inside by type as well. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Car mat

Was inspired by several beautiful car playmats found through Pinterest. Here is ours

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fort: ready for summer.

The fort is almost finished. With our surprise pregnancy last summer there are a few things to finish up. I went to check for wasp nest and snapped a few pictures of the things we did last year. They also have baskets of bowls and cups and garden stuff that comes out when they do. We have big winds here so it can't all stay out. Super excited how well it all held up in the harsh winter. The kids planted some flowers with me for the fort too. The last picture is crooked and I didn't have time to go back out, so just tilt your head a bit. ;)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lots of cars

Our Car Solution:

 Too many cars ended up on the floor in my sons search for the "exact" one he wanted to play with at that moment. I turned to the internet and found a few solutions. This One in particular was the closet thing to fast, easy and possible. We changed it up though. For his car shelves we spaced 7" between them to put Action Heros too. We used 2 x1 and secured them with screws to the studs. The link has the boards painted white, but you could paint them any color or leave them the plan wood. It was very fast, the big box stores will even cut them the length you need.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Learning desk

Our sons new learning desk area. First stop these great 1$ pails for holding on hand art supplies

 photo 8315831ecdfae982d5ffefff2b28d228_zpsbf4e26a3.jpg

Other set. Total 6

 photo 204ed68a174f29498b4f0854d3dbee2f_zpsd4d528a4.jpg

A view of his desk space, trash can from target

 photo 56904829db8137d843a2607a0a9b1756_zps97fb921e.jpg

I picked up a set of multiuser sticky back squares. Great for his number and letters and will grow with him 6.50 for a pack of four at the parent teacher store.

 photo b5ea55c747186c61c0bf56a1887b89fc_zps2a342710.jpg

Reference to the room. I love how he is just a few feet away from my desk and the kids table. He is so proud of his area and how his toddler sister can not get up and handle his work. He pulls puzzles up there too.

 photo 0294657b83911b2dec6035d08c25fd07_zps2d7ac55c.jpg

One last shot of these pails. I just love how the colors pop in them. Our toddler can carry them to the kids table as well, which makes them even more functional.

 photo 6c0508c2a458d788c9f87773e9671488_zpsf336a0bf.jpg

Only one last thing missing. A lamp! Happy learning!

More in the bonus room

Here are several shots of how our bonus room is/was arranged. This is a good reference. First up the new dress up area! This was the fourth bedroom-bonus room closet, turned play area.