Tuesday, March 29, 2016

They have found their love of chalk again. Spring brings a new box and this is the first year Daniel has been able to really join in the fun. Ellie is starting to find a playmate in Daniel. It is giving Dillan some of his own time and space. It is also teaching Daniel more cooperative play. Ellie is seeing her power in trying to tell/teach him. She may have used the excuse this week that "Daniel told her too" , when she was caught jumping on her bed recklessly. Daniel just smiled and kept jumping and giggling. They are joining forces already!

 Where's Daniel?

 I caught a video. "GO, GO" says Daniel " FASTER, FASTER"  says Ellie.

 Easter came and went... This is about all I caught of it! Everyone on facebook was posting their beautiful family photos and I was knee deep in blurry, pjs, chocolate covered faces. they were all blurry and I am not sure that we made it out of pjs... I had a good giggle. We weren't even going to try. Maybe next year :)
 Dillan is working hard to master money. Something has really clicked this month for him. He choose this out of a box that he hand picked items for. I told him to choose anything he wanted to put in the box and we would work on it the next week. He also has in his box- an exercise band, a tape measure, a sharks flashcards and an emotions robot "to teach Daniel emotion signs". We are working on sad, mad and happy. Dillan has taken this on as his job to teach them to Daniel. It's a pretty big boy thing to do and I am very proud of him and admire his confidence.

 I am finding little spots to add color and welcome Spring! I need to get outside -with the camera and take a picture of the Fairy Garden the kids made. They did a great job and while I need to fix the water feature, are making new things for it every week with stuff they find exploring. If only I could figure out a way to stop Daniel from throwing things off the Balcony.... That boy.....

Daniel Turned 2!!! And Dillan lost 2 Teeth!
 Joe and the kids did their traditional- everyone makes a cake for the birthday kid. They decorated it with frosting and edible bees. Ellie and Dillan picked them out for Daniel's cake at the store.
 He is thinking "How should I eat this"?
 Oh yah, that's how!
 Presents came in the mail from relatives. He is a loved little boy and has had quite the roller coaster of 2 years!

 We went out to eat, to a new to us, Mexican restaurant. It was fantastic. I didn't have to clean it up OR make it. That automatically rated it higher.

 I set Daniel up a nature table. He has been so interested in tinkering with rocks and sticks. The other kids are enjoying it too. But Daniel is just beyond excited and mixing up all kinds of things.

 Happy 2nd Birthday big boy. We are so glad to hear your giggles and see your smiles.

We took a walk under the big Texas skies and notice signs that Spring was coming! I still haven't gotten used to the blues and bright clouds. Its an amazing sight.

 We spotted some deer tracks another day when we explored a new park area. The kids are doing a Wild Adventures club and have a great time. We are doing them some weeks as a group and other weeks on our own. Nature has so much to offer.
 This is how you can find Dillan most days. We made a list of all the things he wants to learn about. It is 20 items deep and includes things like sharks, human body, dragons, why the sky is blue and are all fish scales sharp?
 We have been taking weekly trips to the library and are fortunate that ours has an empty large patio and tables. We sat and had a picnic and then ventured onto water coloring our surroundings.

 Dillan worked really hard at saving up enough money for this Ozobot robot. It took him 2 months and he can not be parted with it... unless it is charging. He is learning so many skills with it. I kicked in half the cost and wrote it down for homeschool :
 Ellie is interested in doing school and now on top of wanting to write, she wants to read. It is a fine line between interest, ability and strong will. I started her on a writing and reading program that she can do as she wants too. It seems to be keeping the peace and she is really picking up on it. Her favorite pass time is writing everyone letters and putting them in our "mailbox".

We eased back into homeschooling after Daniel was sick. We tried making magic solid slim. It was pretty gross.. which means the kids thought it was pretty cool!

They choose some book marks at the Target dollar spot. It's like a magnet drawing us in. Its awful and wonderful.

 We had oatmeal bake, which is a favorite around here. It hardly lasts a meal. I may or may not snack on it when it comes out of the oven the night before! :)
 We are discovering the power of games. Now that Ellie is interested in learning some rules for games and Dillan is trying to master games, they have found a fun way to play together. I jump in when I can and on the days Joe is home can actually partake in a round of Old Maid. Although, today we gave Daniel his own cards and that was good enough for him :)

Sunday, March 6, 2016

When you don't have pockets... Just stick your hands in your pants.... Daniel is starting to feel better and my arms are too...
  Look out for the ghosts....

 We went for a walk on Saturday. Ellie picked out these leggings for her dress. She is becoming her own little fashionista. I wouldn't have thought to pair them- but look how cute they match her shoes. Nice job sweet girl.

 Joe took off work on Wednesday to help out with Daniel. I was functioning on almost no sleep. He worked late into Saturday and has already gone back in tonight to finish up from the week. Needless to say.. it wasn't exactly a day off. More like he just pushed a bunch onto the weekend. My sanity thanks him. He and Daniel took many naps. Daniel all about his "Da" and "mama" is no close second. I don't have a ranking when "Da" is around. No one else will do. ;)

I received a lovely handwritten note from my grandma, on beautiful paper, that is just so very her. The surprise mail from mom and grandma keep my spirits up on long weeks and months. I really cherish the handwritten notes. I wish I was better at mailing things. It is my weakness for sure. So if I tell you I will mail something... have a lot of patience and grace for me.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Daniel is sick :( He started with a fever late Friday and wrapped up the weekend with blisters in his mouth Sunday evening. We have never caught this particular beast of a pain. I had to phone my mom and have her come to our rescue in long distance ways. I started the others on Elderberry and hope it limits the spread. Needless to say, no one is sleeping...... BEFORE  he got sick Friday I did get their cleaning section set up. I just shopped the house and found things here and there.  Daniel is now old enough for water cleaning. Independence is a great thing.

On Saturday I took Ellie outside for pictures in her new dress. They lasted all of 5 mins before she was bored and wanted to play in the water. We settled for dipping in toes and smelling flowers. I can't pick a favorite.
 Ellie has requested only pictures with her horse necklace are good enough for the cut.
 She REALLY loves her dress and insisted we show it off.
 Such sweet toes. Dirt and dresses. Those go together right?

 She said this one is her favorite.:)

 Ellie requested that I make this one Black and white. Maybe because you can't see her horse necklace? lol Either way she keeps me fluttering along with her.
She insisted I pop in for a picture. I couldn't turn her down, even with wet hair, little sleep and no make up. We will pretend those 5 pictures of us were "too blurry" :)

Sunday was Dillan's time with his dad. They finally got to build the catapult he received for Christmas. Lots of boy noises, building and a gluing. They waited patiently over night and have been launching all day.

Daniel took a nap with his dad early enough in the day for me to spend sometime with the oldest. The kids are "traveling" to Ireland This month.With it all the St. Patrick's day fun. We made an Irish flag snack and made rainbow sensory bottles. They had a good time mixing colors. Mostly though.... I am just holding Daniel an signing "hurt" and "Sorry" and drinking lots of caffeine.